First Impressions

I started my art course today.

Unsurprisingly, most of the morning was spent with introductions and filling out forms. I sat beside a young man who was perspiring with nerves, and a girl with plugs in her ears who seemed very shy.

The course tutor mooted the idea of having a Student Representative but advised we nominate a peer next week when we might have learnt some fellow students’ names. I quite fancied the role of Student Rep myself, although while I was thinking about whether I would have enough time to make the commitment, a bearded man with square rimmed glasses threw down his gauntlet and announced his intention to stand for the role. I learnt that up until two weeks ago, he had worked for a trade union. Despite bearing a passing resemblance to Gerry Adams, he could be a good choice.

Once the forms had been filled in, and we’d been introduced to each other, we started to draw. Today, the emphasis was on developing our observational skills through line drawing. We started with a still life of just three objects, spaced widely, to draw on a sheet of A1 in charcoal. Although we only had three objects to concentrate on, it was difficult to accurately reflect their sizes and distance in relation to each other and most of our early marks were rubbed out, each time leaving a ghostly impression of our mistakes. Gradually, more objects were added to the still life, which made it easier to understand the spatial relationship between them and the marks became bolder.



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