A different perspective

I played truant the other night.  It was week five of my ten week drawing course and in the absence of a half term holiday, I decided to give myself the week off.  It wasn’t all down to rebellion though.  A couple of nights previously, I attempted a 5k run with my local running club and for the next two days developed an impressive Keyser Söze limp after the shock I gave my poor knees, so didn’t relish the thought of standing at an easel for three hours.

My drawing course this term is taken by a scruffy little Greek man who has but one working eye.  I’m not sure if he teaches perspective but it should be interesting if he does. I haven’t worked out yet if the other is glass or real, but his frequent tripping over easels all seems genuine. We spent the first week drawing a paper bag, and the second the same paper bag but crumpled a bit.  The next couple of weeks we drew the chunky bits you get in posh pot pourri from a job lot the tutor had bought from a charity shop. Except mine looked less like seeds and more like an eyeball and a willy.



The class is mixed, though mainly women; some accomplished, some a little neurotic. There’s a lovely man who always places his easel next to mine.  He smiles the whole time and gives my work a constant stream of compliments.  At least I think they’re compliments; he tends to talk at a level only audible to bats and dogs so I struggle a little to hear him and don’t even know his name.  There was also a hottie in the group which got me momentarily excited. He’s still in the group but I no longer find him hot.  That stopped abruptly the moment he spoke and I discovered he sounded like Joe Pasquale.

But the course has made me realise that I don’t actually like drawing; it’s a means to an end to make my painting better. Having said that, I hope I still like painting – it would be a bit of a barrier to becoming an artist if I didn’t like drawing and painting (though it hasn’t stopped Damien Hirst).  I’ll find out soon as my next painting course starts on Saturday…


About sallybennett

I live, work and daydream in the UK.

4 responses to “A different perspective

  1. Anna

    As well as the artistic intent delighted to hear that the Sally character remains. 1. Playing truent. 2. Feeling guilty enough to write about it before anything else. Looking forward to hearing more. x

  2. Lovely post. I always enjoy hearing about your artistic progress, Stick with the drawing class you’re really good at it.

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