A rude nude

I am a part-time teetotaller.  Part-time because I have neither the willpower nor the inclination to stop drinking completely; I just like the thought of living a hangover-free existence.  In my  teetotal world however, I will always hop off the wagon if:

  1. champagne is on offer
  2. the drinks are free

Tonight, the drinks were free.  Consequently, I was late for my art class.

By the time I arrived, everyone had already completed some sketches and were preparing to paint the model.  They had also evidently got over the shock that the model was not a white middle aged, dimply-thighed housewife, but a beautiful young black woman with neatly trimmed pubic hair.

I set up my easel behind the model – the only place left in the room – and spent the next hour and a half painting my first life model.

While I painted, it became apparent that the model was annoyed with the tutor for not telling her she was expected to stay in one position for so long and got a little bit stroppy with him.  He’s not a great communicator but he’s a lovely man and I felt a bit sorry for him.

Therefore, I re-painted her bottom and made it less pert.


About sallybennett

I live, work and daydream in the UK.

2 responses to “A rude nude

  1. Interesting painting, I like how you exaggerated the perspective!

    I personally feel the model had a right to protest if she was not told in advance she would be required to stay still for 2 hours!

    Looking forward to see more of your artwork : )

  2. Louise

    Love it, Sally B. What sort of life drawing model doesn’t realise you will need to stay still? Even I know that. Available for bookings …

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